Interviews Of The Month

Internatinal Watercolor Artist Diego Equinlian.
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PV: If you had to define Art, what would that definition be?

DE: Art is a label, it is a way to summarize in a single word what any person does for the pure love of doing. Then society has overestimated that word, it has given it too exclusive meaning and in some cases it has given prices that keep people from being attracted to it. To express oneself and love through any creative process is art, from making the best toasted ham and cheese in the world to being an expert in solving sudoku. To leave the everyday mind to create, be it in the context that it is, is art. Fundamental seasoning? The passion. Passion is what feeds the flame of art, fuels research, continuous learning, exploration, experimentation and is not satisfied with the results. An art without passion is like a melted ice cream, it is still ice cream, but almost nobody wants to take it.

PV: How were your beginnings in art? How did you get to where you are today?

DE: Since I was a kid I drew and painted, but I used to call myself more music, maybe because of a social issue I was inclined towards eighth notes and staves. Later family pressures to continue with the labor traditions led me to live several failures that were the ladder I had to climb to realize that the painting gave me the same, but more, pleasure than music. It was what my heart and life told me again and again, what I had to do. And I did it.

PV: What space does art occupy in your life?

DE: Everything left over after my family.

PV: Is art your only work or are there other disciplines / studies / interests that influence your artistic work?

DE: I have a lot of fun to call it work. I am very interested in the human being, the behavior of the human being, his thought, his feeling. I like to camouflage myself and be an observer, I enjoy watching how people fight against their life while life, flow with total naturalness. In the wildest storm and in the quietest landscape you will find exactly the same lack of effort.

PV: How would you define your style in 3 words? What do you propose through your works?

FROM: Universal. I feel the same passion when painting a landscape with watercolors than when painting a coloring book with my daughter.

PV: In the event that the opportunity has been presented, what reflection do you receive from the viewers of your work? Do you find there an opening towards new developments within your work?

DE: The criticism so far has always been very good, maybe it’s because very few people know me (laughs). But based on experience, amazement, emotion, pleasure, some eyes with tears, etc. In general, very happy.,15700023,15700186,15700190,15700253,15700256,15700259&usg=ALkJrhim9RfrWEwja_JD1CWfLQVhBKolOQ