Award winding watercolor artist Diego Eguinlian at the Argentina National Watercolor competition
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The young artist Diego Eguinlian won the “First Prize” at the Second National Watercolor Competition, organized by the Association of Argentine Acuarelistas, with his “Envido missing”. The exhibition, which was inaugurated on 12 of the current in the Borges Cultural Center, will run until 2 November.

We called for this, we were able to chat with the artist, who with regard to the distinction, he said: “I am very happy with this award. I am encouraged, pushed me to improve not stop for a second. It shows me that work, determination and perseverance are the way for everything. ”

We find an open, simple, very sensitive being who enjoys being surrounded by people of art; who values his family , and-above all life. We chatted for a long time, as if we were old acquaintances … talented and self – taught, tells:

– My training is based on observation, theoretical research, experimentation and development of my own techniques to find a unique style. Since I was about eight years my hobbie preference was drawing and music, as were the activities that highlighted a natural ability. I read many books, saw video tutorials, courses and yet I still do.

Finally I found watercolors everything to me full human and artistic level. Today I can say what I love work and I am happy to know that art will occupy me, the rest of my life.

Currently I teach seminars, workshops and custom classes. I never stopped painting. I learn and contribute. Always improve, enjoy and have fun with art. Back to the universe everything learned. While the world seems dejected I go there with my acuarelitas, with my palette and brush as shield and my sword.

You may not see it as important or does not seem so serious, but to change the world is essential to change people. And watercolors have really changed me, they gave me more options to life, gave me security, I was given freedom to jump into the void, to make decisions under pressure without hesitation. I learned to work with the most unpredictable of all partner water.

Watercolors have taught me that we are all exactly the same, you have the life that tengas.Existen million colors, but all have the same nature, being a color. And all united by water (life), supported by a (family, friends) role, carrying out the same work of art that everyone else at the same time (the present). The brush in the hand of your God …

– If you had to define art, what would that definition ?.

– Art is a sign, it is a way to summarize in one word what anyone does for the sheer love of doing. Then the company has overestimated the word, has given a too exclusive meaning and been granted in some cases, prices that keep people from being attracted by it.

And love expressed through any creative process is art, from making the best toasted ham and cheese in the world to be an expert by houses with cards. Leave the everyday mind to create, whether in the context it is art.

¿Key Seasoning ?; The passion. Passion is what fuels the flame of art, feeds research, continuous learning, exploring, experimenting and not content with the results, always wants more. Art without passion is like a melted ice cream remains frozen, but almost no one wants to take it, because it has lost its essence.

– How did you get started in art ?; How did you get where you are today ?.

– From childhood I drew and painted, but I called over the music, perhaps a social issue I leaned eighth notes and staves. Later the family pressures to continue with labor traditions led me to live several failures that were the stairs I had to climb to finally realize that painting I was not the same, but more pleasure than music. It was what my heart and life told me again and again, I had to do. And I did it.

– What art occupies space in your life ?.

– All that is left after my family.

– How would you define your style in three words ?.

– Stripped, loose but meticulous.

– What viewers receive reflection of your work ?; Do you find there an openness to new developments ?.

– Criticism so far were always very good, maybe it’s because very few people know me (laughs). But based on experience, awe, excitement, pleasure, a little eye with tears and always much affection, love and words of great respect and admiration. Very happy, especially with the good acceptance of my colleagues for my work broadly.

– If you had to choose an artist …

– An artist Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic, Herman Pekel, Nita Engle, Nicolas Lopez, Goyo Barja (my current teacher). I love that style of watercolor artists, but all you learn a lot. And just what is brought to you watercolors is a versatile styles and endless and very personal techniques.

The fact that this young artist, since last year not to receive important mentions and awards. Among them, the “BaresAires” in April this year; first prize in Eniarte 20th anniversary with his “Arata station” between May and June this year.

It was “guest of honor” in the sample of the Central Department of the Federal Police Argentina in blue; He was invited to sample Acuarelistas Argentinos at Cafe del Teatro Colón, where he exhibited his work “La Fragata”; He received the “Special Mention” in Log Baires, on 9 September, until this award today we are proud both him and us.

To know and appreciate his work, we really realize the enormous pleasure he feels Diego for watercolor, which bodes many new successes.

Posted 21st October 2017 by GUIDE ARMENIA MENC