Argentinian watercolor artist

Diego’s philosophy:

Art is a label, it is a way to summarize in a single word what any person does for the pure love of doing. Then society has overestimated that word, it has given it too exclusive meaning and in some cases it has given prices that keep people from being attracted to it. To express oneself and love through any creative process is art, from making the best toast of ham and cheese in the world to building a car with the latest technology. To leave the everyday mind to create, be it in the context that it is, is art. Fundamental seasoning? The passion. Passion is what feeds the flame of art, feeds research, continuous learning, exploration, experimentation and is not satisfied with the results, it always wants more. Art without passion is like a melted ice cream, it is still ice cream, but almost nobody wants to take it, because it has lost its essence.

Diego’s Story

Diego Eguinlian is an Argentine water colour artist. Self-taught since childhood and tireless student of innumerable techniques. After working in family businesses related to footwear, he decided to make custom-painted shoes by hand which ultimately led him to his true passion, art. He successfully worked with this art form from 2007 to 2013 and created more than 600 different original designs, which he ultimately used to paint more than 3000 pairs of shoes. He invented the “theory of the clock” technique that allowed him to copy natural scenes or photos and basic concepts based on observation and common criteria. Diego worked by commissions from 2013 to 2015 for high networth clients and high-level paintings using different media such as acrylics, oils and charcoals. He discovered watercolors in 2015 and become obsessively passionate about this beautiful technique. His work has been recognized throughout the country.



My training is based on observation, theoretical research, experimentation and development of my own techniques to find a unique style. Since I was about eight years old my favorite hobbie was drawing and music, since they were the activities in which a natural ability stood out. After completing the primary and secondary (1983-1996), I decided to enter the National Conservatory of Music (1997-1998) and then the EMBA (music school of Buenos Aires) (1998-2000) in order to begin to train myself at an artistic level and with professional objectives. As the dates show, I could not keep awake that dream. But yes, I kept drawing, exploring, investigating and snooping in the painting, always as a hobby and a distraction, but with a lot of perseverance and interest.



April 22, 2017
Special mention “Bares Aires”
Conectarte Baires – Palermo – CABA
Jurado Roque de Bonis – Fernando Calio.
September 9, 2017
Special mention “Estudio MV”
Conectarte Baires – Palermo – CABA
Jurado Roque de Bonis – Fernando Calio.Connect Baires
6 Works presented.

November 18, 2018
“Special Mention” Outdoor Painting Competition “Celia Cupido de Marcellino” in La Boca.
“Cleaning boat”
Watercolor 38 x 56 cm


May 15 to 18, 2017
ENIARTE 2017 – 20th Anniversary.
San Miguel Palace – Caba
* First prize in Advanced “Arata Station”
* First prize in Watercolors “Estación Arata”
Works presented “Barrio Chino” – “Estación Arata” – “BaresAires” – “Mercado de San Telmo”
October 12 to November 2, 2017
“First prize”
Second National Watercolor Contest.
Association of Argentine Watercolorists.
Borges Cultural Center – CABA
Bora Presented “Falter Envied”

23 of March
Third International Watercolor Prize.
Potrero de los Funes 2018
“The Trunks”
Watercolor 76 x 56
Jury: Álvaro Castagnet, Juan Lascano, Ricardo Celma, Emaus Miciu, Álvaro Izurieta.

On October 25
SECOND PRIZE FIGURATIVE ART AWARD – José Antonio Terry 2018 (Fundación Terry) All the tecinas participated.
Borges Cultural Center – Buenos Aires
Watercolor 76 x 56

Obra Seleccionada para Participar de Fabriano in Acquarello 2018
Puerto de Tigre – Buenos Aires
Acuarela 56 x 38 – 11/2017

14th To 16th Feb 2018
IWS- Pakistan
“Pearls of Peace, Season – II”
2ND International Watercolor Biennale
Obra presentada “Atlántico”

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Obra seleccionada para exposición “Mar de Chapas” Galería Central Newbery. Concurso Faber Castell y Artística Thesis.
06 al 27 de Mayo 2017
Puro Arte – Caminito For Export.
Conventillo histórico de 1881.
Centro cultural de los artistas.
La Boca – Caba.
Muestra de arte declarada de interés municipal y cultural por la legislatura de la ciudad autónoma de Buenos Aires.
“Fragata” – “Obelisco”
13 al 18 de Mayo 2017
Muestra Galería Zeitgeist.
San Isidro – Buenos Aires
“Agua” – “Tierra” – “Aire”
Mayo y Junio 2017
Participación en el 1er Certamen Internacional de Acuarela en Linea.
Papel Mojado, representando a la Argentina con la Obra “Congreso”
Revista Acuarela de Mexico.
Mes de junio 2017
Muestra Galería Magazzino di Arte.
Canning – Buenos Aires
Obras presentadas “Barrio Chino” – “Fragata” – “Bares Aires” – “Estación Arata” – “Mercado de San Telmo” – “Obelisco”.
03 al 17 de Julio 2017-10-06
Muestra de Acuarelistas Argentinos.
Honorable Concejo Deliberante de Vicente Lopez
Obras “Bosque Helado” – “Recoleta”

11 de Agosto al 01 de Septiembre 2017-10-06
Momentos Mágicos
Galería Magazzino Di Arte – Plaza Canning – Ezeiza.
Obra Presentada “Aire”

01 al 08 de Septiembre 2017
Muestra de Acuarelistas Argentinos en el Café del Teatro Colon
Obra presentada “La Fragata”

01 de Septiembre al 30 de Octubre 2017
Muestra del Concejo Profecional de Ciencias Económicas.
Participando de Gallery Nights
Obra Presentada “Obelisco”

19 de Octubre al 5 de Noviembre 2017
Obra Seleccionada por la Fundación José Antonio Terry para exposición.
Centro Cultural Borges – CABA
Acompañando las obras ganadoras del Premio Nacional de Pintura Figurativa.
Obra Presentada “Bares Aires”


Selected work for the exhibition “Mar de Chapas” Central Newbery Gallery. Faber Castell and Artistic Thesis contest.
May 06 to 27, 2017
Puro Arte – Caminito For Export.
Historic tenement of 1881.
Cultural center of the artists.
La Boca – Caba.
Sample of art declared of municipal and cultural interest by the legislature of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.
“Frigate” – “Obelisk”
May 13 to 18, 2017
Shows Zeitgeist Gallery.
San Isidro – Buenos Aires
“Water” – “Earth” – “Air”
May and June 2017
Participation in the 1st International Online Watercolor Contest.
Papel Mojado, representing Argentina with the Work “Congreso”
Acuarela Magazine of Mexico.
Month of June 2017
Shows Gallery Magazzino di Arte.
Canning – Buenos Aires
Works presented “Barrio Chino” – “Fragata” – “Bares Aires” – “Estación Arata” – “Mercado de San Telmo” – “Obelisco”.
July 03 to 17, 2017-10-06
Sample of Argentine watercolorists.
Honorable Deliberative Council of Vicente Lopez
Works “Ice Forest” – “Recoleta”

August 11 to September 01 2017-10-06
Magic moments
Magazzino Di Arte Gallery – Plaza Canning – Ezeiza.
Work Presented “Air”

01 to September 08, 2017
Sample of Argentine watercolorists at the Café del Teatro Colon
Work presented “La Fragata”

September 01 to October 30, 2017
Sample of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences.
Participating in Gallery Nights
Work Presented “Obelisk”

October 19 to November 5, 2017
Work Selected by the José Antonio Terry Foundation for exhibition.
Borges Cultural Center – CABA
Accompanying the winning works of the National Prize for Figurative Painting.
Work Presented “Bares Aires”

June 2018
Selected among more than 600 proposals by IWS Costa Rica to participate in the exhibition and contest.
“Tropical Watercolor” IWS Costa Rica.
San Antonio West
Watercolor 20,5 cm x 25 cm
Reference Photo Jesus Rodriguez Ok

July 4th
Selected work for exhibition
Argentine watercolorists
Inauguration June 1, 20 hours.
Colón 149 – Río Cuarto – Córdoba
Ends July 4

July 2018
Work selected for the Tlaloc 2018 IWS Mexico Award
“I forget”
Watercolor 38 x 56 cm

August 30, 2018
7 Selected works for Exhibition “Los Ian” ·
In the Mumart Museum of the city of La Plata.

October 21, 2018 ·
EXHIBITION OF THE TEACHERS !!! Along with Goyo Barja, Eduardo Nicolai and Claudio Fernández.
New Argentina Cultural Center
Juan Carlos Pino
Ushuaia – Painting at the end of the world


2010 to 2016
Make over 600 different designs in hand-painted sneakers. Reaching a total production of approximately 3500 pairs.
Final stage of the artisan and absolute turn to his true artistic passion, painting.
I developed a practical and extremely simple technique to copy images with greater precision and speed, using only our criteria. “The clock technique”
12/2016 publication of “Bellas”
Create a coloring book with a criterion and clear message focused on women outside of any stereotype. That also has an index of small stories that tell each illustration and its meaning. Reviewed by the writer Lorena Suez.
July 06, 2017
Art Show in Blue
“Guest of honor” in the Central Department of the Argentine Federal Police.
Courtyard of the shields of the Infantry Guard Corps.
15 works presented

March 28 2018
Selected to make the cover art and content of the Book
Expanding Rudiments.
Improvisation as a creative tool
Martin Visconti

April 14
First edition and launch of Sketchbooks to paint with watercolor with the sponsorship of Winsor & Newton.
Cover art and exclusive production (hand made) by Diego Eguinlian

May 2018
Selected as head of exhibition in Eniarte 2018. The meeting of decorative art and plastic largest in the country.
Where I also offer workshops, product samples and public talks about watercolor art.

September 2
Collaborates with IWS Argentina in Organizing the visit of the renowned World Watercolourist Álvaro Castagnet to Buenos Aires.

October 19 to November 20, 2018!
Painting at the end of the world
Participates as part of the Organizing Committee, in the Third National Watercolor Contest “Ushuaia!
Argentine Watercolorists and Winsor & Newton Argentina
Exhibition in the prison with more than 100 works.

October 2018
Presentation of Los gales by Lorena Suez and illustrations by Diego Eguinlian from the publisher Peces de Ciudad.
Children’s story for big children.

February 14 to 17 2019
Assistant Professor “Painting Vacation” Musical Camp Bariloche – Rio Negro – Argentina.

March 15, 2019
Participates as Jury of the Biennial “Colors of my San Francisco”
San Francisco de Córdoba – Province of Córdoba Argentina. Where I also made a free sample for museum attendees.